Humans are experiencing all kinds of dynamics we haven’t had to deal with in our lifetimes – and it feels like we are going it alone. But we at PodUp want to help you find ways to solve your childcare needs during this unprecedented time – safely, securely, and with the right precautionary measures.

Our team and colleagues noticed we were already naturally building Pods with friends and families practicing the same quarantine values as us. We also realized the importance of these Pods – the social interaction they provide, the sense of relief and safety in podding up with another family to jointly support the new levels of childcare needs as children are home full time, and the reassurance that we are not going through this alone. With this in mind, we built PodUp to help others find their Pods, by safely matching with new families and individuals who share the same quarantine values as them.

We’re in this together and PodUp is here to help you along the way.

Socially distanced doesn’t have to mean being alone.

Safely connect and find your Pod now!

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